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​​We understand the challenges and advantages specific to your area​​​​​​​

Raise your crops to their full potential.

It doesn’t matter what you grow – wheat, canola, barley, beans, peas, canary seed, flax, oats, alfalfa – the end goal is always the same: high yield, high quality. Then making sure you can store that crop safely once you have it.

Getting there seems like an endurance test sometimes (have ​you ever thought about how many individual decisions go into growing a crop?), and UFA is in it with you for the long haul. We have​ seed from leading companies and a full range of crop protection products. UFA also offers “direct to farm” fertilizer across Alberta and blended product from six locations which you can store until spring in one of the many models of smooth wall fertilizer bins we sell.

Maybe even more important than the products is the knowledge to use them to their best advantage. What variety would be best for your growing conditions, for example, or do disease conditions warrant a second spray application? Your local Customer Account Managers (CAMs) understand the challenges and advantages specific to your area and are​ committed to helping you make good decisions for a successful season.​


A great crop has to start with great seed and UFA carries some of the top yielding brands. Click or tap on any of the below to fi​nd out more.

Feed Your Crops

Seed? Check. Seed treatment? Check. Fertilizer?

While fertilizer is not the last thing on your seeding checklist, it might need more than a simple yes or no answer. Ensuring that your crop not only has the right nutrients, but also the right balance of nutrients at the right time plays an important part in achieving maximum yield potential.

UFA's Customer Account Managers (CAMs) can help you select the right blend of macro- and micro-nutrients for your crop and soil conditions. Your crop will thank you!

Minimize pests to maximize yields

The battle against crop pests – weeds, disease and insects – begins before you seed and doesn't end until the snow flies and the last post-harvest field work is done. UFA can help with premium crop protection products to protect your crop, preserve your yield and foster quality throughout the season.

Protect Your Profit

Getting your crops off in good condition is one thing. Keeping them in good condition is another.

Making hay

UFA understands that making hay is not that easy. Weather conditions aside, a lot depends on crop type, maturity at harvest, harvest timing and storage conditions. The ultimate measure of forage quality is animal performance – are they getting the nutritional value they need?

From the types of forage that best suit your farm, to assistance in forage quality testing, to storage products, and to mineral supplements when Mother Nature decides you're not going to get that "best hay" quality, UFA can help.


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